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Why I Decided to Volunteer as a Catechist Teacher

When I was younger, my mother made the decision that she was going to be a catechist teacher. The church that we belonged to at the time offered these classes after Sunday morning mass and on Mondays. At that time, I would come along with her and “help” with the class. As I got older, I took more and more of an active role in the class and it became great fun. I put together different games that I would play with the kids who were all in 2nd grade and getting ready for First Communion. 

Teaching CCD is something that I fell out of after high school. This is also during the time that I started to drift away from the church. However, this past year, I decided that volunteering as a catechist teacher is something that I wanted to do again. I was assigned as a 3rd grade CCD teacher due in large part to the fact that my oldest son was in 3rd grade. While these kids definitely kept me on my toes and there were some weeks that were more challenging than others, it definitely is something that inspired this Catholic mom blog as well as my Catholic mom journey

7 Reasons to Become a Catechist Teacher 

There are several compelling reasons to become a catechist teacher. Here are just a few reasons why I decided to commit to it:

  1. Sharing my faith: As a catechist teacher, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and love for the Catholic faith with others. I can help children deepen their understanding of Christianity and foster a personal relationship with God.
  1. Making a positive impact: By becoming a catechist teacher, I can make a significant impact on the lives of my students. I have the chance to inspire and guide them, helping shape their moral compass, values, and spiritual growth. My role can be instrumental in nurturing their faith and encouraging them to become active members of the Church community.
  1. Personal growth and deepening my faith: Teaching as a catechist requires continuous learning and personal growth. In the process of preparing lessons and engaging with students, I will find myself deepening my own understanding of the faith. This can lead to a stronger personal relationship with God and a more profound spiritual journey. I had the opportunity to refresh my knowledge about women who became saints as well as other doctrines of the faith that I may not have known or forgotten about. 
  1. Building a sense of community: Catechist classes often bring together students from various backgrounds. By becoming a catechist teacher, I contribute to building a sense of community within the Church. I have the opportunity to foster connections, encourage collaboration, and create a supportive environment where students can learn from one another.
  1. Making a difference in the world: By instilling Christian values and teachings in my students, I am equipping them to make a positive difference in the world. The lessons they learn through catechism can shape their actions, attitudes, and interactions, leading to a more compassionate and just society.
  1. Fulfilling a sense of vocation: I was able to expand on a calling or sense of vocation to share my faith with others. If I have a deep passion for teaching and a strong desire to serve God and the Church, becoming a catechist teacher provides a meaningful outlet for my vocation.
  1. Continuing the tradition: Catechism has a long-standing tradition within the Catholic Church. By becoming a catechist teacher, I become part of this legacy of passing down the faith from one generation to the next. It allows me to contribute to the ongoing formation of the faithful and preserve the richness of Catholic teachings.

Remember that becoming a catechist teacher requires dedication, ongoing learning, and a commitment to the Catholic faith. It is a rewarding endeavor that can positively impact the lives of my students and deepen my own spiritual journey.

My Journey as a Catechist Teacher 

I would be remiss if I said that being a CCD teacher was simple. There were days that were super hard at work which made it challenging to teach at times, especially if the kids were having an off day. My class would meet on Mondays at 4:45 which made it a struggle to try to get the kids to focus immediately after school. 

However, there were so many times when I could see the light and excitement in their eyes when we were talking about certain subjects. One of the fun activities that I did develop was a Jeopardy game. This is something that I would do every few weeks with the kids and it’s something that they definitely looked forward to. The concept of the game was simple. I would create index cards with questions and there would be a certain value to each question. I would split the kids into teams and the team with the most points at the end of the game would win. While I’m sure that there is an electronic way of playing this game, the kids really seemed to enjoy walking into the room and seeing the index cards on the board at the beginning of class. It’s also something that really kept them interested and engaged. 

At the end of the year, my class begged me to not only teach again but teach 4th grade CCD next year. It’s something that I did sign up for although I’m not sure what grade I will be assigned to. Overall, as frustrating and overwhelming as it was at times, teaching CCD is something that I did enjoy and it inspired me when it came to my own faith journey. In many ways, maybe I took a page out of the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton when it came to teaching future generations the beauty of the Catholic faith.

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