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Saint Monica: The Mother Who Never Stopped Praying

While I was researching for my blog about Catholic saints who were also mothers, Saint Monica’s name came up quite often. Although I had heard of St. Monica, I hadn’t really dug into who she was. As part of my Catholic mom blog, I would like to really learn more about these women that I have grown to look up to. Her name is one that came up countless times throughout my Catholic school years and I knew that she was a woman that struggled quite often in her life, especially when it came to her son. However, the amount of respect and understanding that I have for this incredible woman expanded ten fold after looking into her life a bit more. 

Who Was Saint Monica?

Saint Monica, also known as Monica of Hippo, was an early Catholic saint and the mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo. She was born in 331 AD in Tagaste, present-day Algeria, and died in 387 AD in Ostia, Italy.

Monica is best known for her steadfast faith, patience, and prayers for the conversion of her son, Augustine, who later became one of the most influential theologians and philosophers in Christianity. Augustine’s early life was marked by a wild and rebellious nature, but Monica never gave up hope for his spiritual transformation.

She prayed fervently for his conversion for many years, and her prayers were eventually answered when Augustine embraced Christianity and became a bishop. Monica’s dedication and perseverance as a mother and her role in the conversion of Augustine have made her a symbol of maternal love, faith, and intercession.

Monica’s life and virtues have been admired and celebrated by Christians for centuries. Her feast day is observed on August 27th, and she is honored as the patron saint of wives, mothers, difficult marriages, and wayward children.

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What is Saint Monica Known For?

There are many people who are unfamiliar with the Catholic faith who may find themselves wondering what is Saint Monica known for? There are probably many more people who were cradle Catholics who find themselves wonder what is Saint Monica known for as well!

In addition to her renowned role as a devoted mother, Saint Monica is also considered a patron saint for individuals struggling with alcoholism and addiction. This association stems from her husband, Patricius, who was known to have a drinking problem. Despite this challenge in their marriage, Monica faithfully supported and prayed for her husband’s conversion. Eventually, Patricius embraced Christianity before his death.

Because of her personal experience with the effects of addiction within her family, Saint Monica’s intercession is sought by those battling similar issues today. She is seen as a source of hope, strength, and guidance for individuals and families affected by addiction, inspiring them to persevere in their journey towards healing and recovery.

This aspect of Saint Monica’s patronage adds a unique dimension to her story, showcasing her ability to empathize with those grappling with addiction and her intercessory power in their struggles.

What was the Relationship Like Between St. Monica and Her Son? 

Unlike the parent/child relationships of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton or St. Margaret Clitherow, Saint Monica had a complex relationship with her son, Augustine which evolved over time. In Augustine’s early years, their relationship was strained due to his wayward lifestyle and resistance to the Christian faith. Augustine was known for his intellectual pursuits, indulgent lifestyle, and adherence to philosophical ideas that often contradicted Christian teachings.

During this period, Monica was deeply concerned for her son’s well-being and spiritual state. She constantly prayed for him and expressed her distress over his choices. However, despite the challenges they faced, Monica’s love for Augustine remained steadfast and unwavering.

Over time, Augustine began to be influenced by the teachings of various philosophers and theologians, which eventually led him to seek answers within Christianity. This marked a turning point in their relationship. Monica’s prayers and patient guidance  played a significant role in Augustine’s conversion to Christianity.

After Augustine’s conversion, their relationship deepened and became characterized by mutual respect and spiritual connection. They shared a profound bond in their faith and devotion to God. Augustine expressed his deep love and gratitude for his mother in his writings, acknowledging her role in his conversion and recognizing her as a spiritual guide and mentor.

Monica and Augustine had the opportunity to spend time together in Ostia, Italy, shortly before Monica’s death. During their time together, they engaged in deep spiritual discussions and contemplation of heavenly matters. What an incredible way to spend time with your child!  It was during this period that Monica fell ill and passed away, with Augustine by her side.

The relationship between Monica and Augustine serves as a powerful example of a mother’s love, unwavering faith, and the transformative power of prayer. Monica’s steadfast dedication and prayers ultimately led to Augustine’s conversion and subsequent influential role in Christianity. Their story continues to inspire and encourage individuals, especially mothers, in their own relationships with their children and in their spiritual journeys.

Now that I’m a mother, I can recognize and appreciate how difficult this waiting and praying must have been. Oftentimes, when we say a prayer we expect that God will respond in some way, shape or form right away. It’s important to remember, though, that the response that we get from God isn’t always the one that we expect but it is the one that we need at that time. While St. Monica was hoping for an instant response from God, this time in waiting and her own prayer was able to deepen her own faith so that when Augustine was ready, she could continue to guide him during his own journey similar to the steps that she took in her own Catholic mom journey

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What is Saint Monica the Patron Saint Of? 

Saint Monica is the patron saint of several aspects and groups, including:

  • Mothers: Saint Monica is revered as a model of Christian motherhood and is the patron saint of mothers. Her steadfast prayers and unwavering faith in God’s mercy and grace serve as an inspiration for mothers who are interceding for their children’s well-being, spiritual growth, and conversion.
  • Wives: Saint Monica is also considered the patron saint of wives. Her devotion to her husband and her efforts to bring him to faith reflect her commitment to the sacrament of marriage and the importance of praying for the spiritual welfare of one’s spouse.
  • Difficult Marriages: Saint Monica is often invoked by those who are experiencing challenges and difficulties in their marriages. Her example encourages couples to persevere in love, forgiveness, and prayer, even in the face of marital strife.
  • Wayward Children: Saint Monica’s most well-known role is as the patron saint of wayward or prodigal children. Her prayers for the conversion of her son Augustine, who initially strayed from the faith, are seen as a powerful intercession for parents seeking the return of their wayward children to God and the Church.
  • Abuse Victims: While not as commonly recognized, Saint Monica is also considered the patron saint of abuse victims. Her own personal suffering and endurance amidst difficult circumstances can provide solace and hope for those who have experienced abuse or mistreatment.
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Why is Saint Monica One of the Patron Saints of Mothers? 

Saint Monica is recognized as a patron saint of mothers due to her exemplary qualities and the role she played in the life of her son, Saint Augustine. Here are a few reasons why she is honored as a patron saint of mothers:

  • Unconditional Love: Saint Monica’s love for her son was unwavering and unconditional. Despite Augustine’s wayward lifestyle and resistance to the Christian faith, Monica never gave up on him. Her love and support for her son are seen as a model for all mothers, demonstrating the importance of loving their children unconditionally, even during challenging times.
  • Persistent Prayer: Monica’s most famous attribute as a mother was her persistent and fervent prayer for the conversion of her son. She prayed for Augustine for many years, never losing hope in God’s mercy and grace. Her perseverance in prayer serves as an inspiration for mothers who are interceding for the spiritual growth and well-being of their children.
  • Role Model of Faith: Monica’s strong faith in God was evident throughout her life. Despite the trials and tribulations she faced, including the difficulties in her marriage and the waywardness of her son, she remained steadfast in her belief. Her faithfulness and trust in God’s plan make her a role model for mothers seeking to live out their faith and trust in God’s providence.
  • Conversion of Augustine: The conversion of Saint Augustine is a significant aspect of Monica’s story. Her prayers and unwavering faith played a pivotal role in Augustine’s decision to embrace Christianity. This conversion is seen as a testament to the power of a mother’s prayers and serves as a source of hope for mothers who may be concerned about their children’s spiritual journeys.

Due to these qualities and her influential role as a mother, Saint Monica has been recognized as a patron saint of mothers. Mothers turn to her for guidance, strength, and intercession, seeking her example and prayers to support them in their own motherhood journey.

I continue to be amazed by Saint Monica’s undying and unrelenting faith. It’s something that every Catholic mother can only aspire to be in the face of experiencing a child that may not be making the best decisions for their life. However, St. Monica’s story continues to represent the power of God not only when it comes to conversion but in the sense that he will always be there with us and for us. St. Monica, pray for us! 

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